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The General Data Protection Regulation is coming soon.  Due to be implemented in May 2018 it has applicability across the EU and will come in to force pre Brexit and will most likely apply to relevant UK businesses beyond 2019. 

If your business is currently subject to the provisions of the Data Protection Act then, most likely, you will need to comply with the GDPR. 

Very broadly the GDPR extends the scope of the Data Protection Act, brings in new responsibilities and obligations and carries with it fines up to a maximum of E20m for breach of the act. 

Implications for businesses who will be subject to the GDPR are that there will be a need to put in place comprehensive but proportionate governance measures to ensure compliance. 

As professional recruiters we have already considered the implications of this for existing and prospective clients.  We are already searching out and cultivating our contacts with relevant Data Protection specialists in the market and we are in an excellent position to help you meet your recruiting needs in these areas. 

We have in place a comprehensive training product in association with an allied company which will enable us to ‘upskill’ existing staff as well as train new additions to your future team.

Project Recruit has been recruiting data specialists for over 10 years.  This profile gives us a unique insight into the burgeoning field of GDPR and its potential impact on clients businesses. 

We are actively recruiting for the following roles in GDPR

  • IT Project Managers
  • IT Programme Managers
  • Data Protection Officers
  • Business Analyst/GDPR
  • Data Audit specialists