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How to Interview Well


Posted on 17/09/2015 by

“Fail to prepare, prepare to fail.”

This is not just an old fabled quotation about life, it’s your mantra for maximising your chance of performing well in interviews. 

The key to a successful interview is usually determined before you have shaken hands with the interviewers. Remember, finding the right candidate is paramount for any employer; they will want the interview to go well just as much as you do. Before we list our top tips for interview success, consider the interview as an in-depth conversation with someone who wants to see you succeed in their organisation, rather than run you through the interview mill. If you have this mind-set and maintain your professionalism you will be giving yourself the best opportunity to perform well. 

Preparing for the interview:

Research : – If you haven’t already done so for your job application, research the company. You will impress the interviewer if you have a good grasp of the company’s history and values. Being able to discuss the company and what appealed to you about their values is a good way of showing the interviewers you are serious about the job opportunity. 

Know your CV and the job description: – Knowing your CV inside out may seem like an obvious prerequisite for any job seeker, however many are unable discuss their previous work history indetail, which is less than impressive for an interviewer. This however, goes one step further. Take the time to read the job description multiple times and make notes on the synergy between what you have achieved in your career and what the employers are looking for from their candidate. Be sure to tailor your answers to interview questions not only to the company but specifically to the role. If you are able to align your motivations with the role and the company, the interviewers will feel your passion and suitability for the role.  

Interview Day During the interview:

Dress to impress: – As a rule of thumb it’s always best to wear a suit (or whatever represents ‘professional’ within your chosen industry), unless you are further down the interview process and you are meeting the wider team in an informal setting. Being professionally dressed will present you a serious candidate who is genuinely considering the job opportunity.

During The Interview:  – One needs to remain engaged and engaging. Maintain a good level of eye contact and carefully listen to questions and what the interviewers are talking to you about, pay attention to your interviewers’ body language. Do not let your mind wonder and start answering the question in your head before the full question is asked. 

Have some questions prepared:  – This is a great way of demonstrating to the interviewers you have carefully considered your application and are keen to learn more about the role or the organisation. Stick to questions relating to the job, team, or company culture rather than benefits and salary package.

Above all else, relax, be yourself and speak at normal conversation pace. Remember a good handshake goes a long way! Good luck!